It’s all about perspective

This past Friday I witnessed something pretty awesome, and I hope I can muster up the right words to describe such an impactful event, at least for me personally. I was given the best gift that morning and it shook my perspective up, like it had been sleeping for some time and needed a good wake up call… HELLO!

While doing my post cardio stretching I noticed a women, she was different and caught my attention. She had trouble speaking, her knees and ankles were bowed and she was sitting in a wheelchair. Yet, against all odds (it seemed) here she was smiling, telling jokes to her trainer and seemingly having a good time.

She was with a personal trainer and over by the free weights lifting and I couldn’t help but think “YOU GO GLEN COCCO YOU GO!”

Why is this so awesome? Well, hold on I’m getting there…

The trainer led her over to the treadmill (which was located directly behind me) and she began to pull herself up and out of her chair with minimal help from her trainer. She got onto the treadmill and…

With a smile that truly would touch your soul she exclaimed to the trainer, “I did it! *giggle* I told you I could!”

… she began to walk! Though it seemed pretty painful from MY perspective her determination never waivered.

Noticing I was being pretty rude considering I was gawking at her, I snapped back into my gym mode and continued to finish my stretching… finally I know I know.

I really couldn’t believe I had just witnessed such a proud moment for a complete stranger and was on the verge of tears just from witnessing it. Imagine how she felt!

It wasn’t some prestigious medal, the Stanley Cup or a Super Bowl ring. She simply met a goal, or proved herself wrong, or proved herself “right.” I don’t know, I couldn’t go up and ask her, though maybe I should’ve.

I wanted to thank her, for giving me something to think about, for putting a pep in my step, for shaking up my subconscious and putting things in perspective for me, reminding me how good life really is.

So moral of the story for me, maybe you too, plenty of people have it better off than you and you might get wrapped up in that, but plenty of others aren’t as lucky. Yet, some of those “unlucky” ones are having the best time in life.                                                                                                                It’s. All. About. Perspective.


Published by Shannon Randol

Sharing life and what's helped me grow through what I've gone through.

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