Amazon Phone: Fail or Fate



              If the contract with your cell-phone provider was coming to an end and you were thinking about switching it up a bit, would you consider becoming a member of the Amazon family? Confused? So are a lot of people who heard the word that Amazon is coming out with a smart-phone this Wednesday. The phone will be released in a small setting with company members in Seattle. Probably so they can test the money waters before flopping.

            Some of you may have already forgotten about the “Facebook phone” that was released last year and did a nose-dive, head first, and splattered all over the pavement as a complete failure. Nobody wanted a phone that was completely run off a social media platform. The Facebook phone didn’t last long, obviously, I had already completely forgotten about it.

            Amazon reps believe their version will be more compatible with the average consumer. Explaining that they aren’t trying to change social engagement like the Facebook phone intended. Amazon’s mobile device will probably be focused on actual products and shopping experience since Amazon is an online retailer.

If you ask me it pretty much sounds like the same situation. Amazon is trying to enhance the shopping experience through their personal phone and Facebook wanted to enhance social interactions through its phone, both wanting to better the experience consumers have. So in my personal opinion I don’t see Amazon doing any better in the mobile world than Facebook did.

Not to mention, that when Amazon held a survey to test their product idea, over half of the consumers checked ‘no’ they would not consider buying an Amazon phone. Funny enough, Facebook did the same thing with its test market and got the same results, nobody wanted the phone, but they did it anyways. Another red flag Amazon is ignoring.



            A quick Google search will show you what the phone will look like and its interactive applications. Which are geared towards making any kind of information readily available and as easy as possible. Also, you are in charge for how much you want to pay monthly, you can pick as many or as less services to use. As an incentive to purchase you are tempted with one year of Amazon Prime.

            Bottom line though, if the phone truly is awesome we’ll never know if nobody wants to buy it and that’s their biggest obstacle as of right now. Can Amazon succeed in the mobile world?

Published by Shannon Randol

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