Hillary Clinton & Menopause

This past week Hillary Clinton announced her plans to run in the 2016 presidential elections. Her declaration came to nobody as a surprise. The past four years Mrs. Clinton has been positioning herself to do just that, run for president.

I have no opinion on whether she would be ‘the next best thing’ for this country, but I do have an opinion on what is being written about her solely because of her gender. The Time published an article about how Clinton is the perfect age for candidacy because she is no longer menopausal. Wait, what?

The article caused a disturbance on Twitter shortly after, here are some of the Tweets in response:


I personally try to stay away from most social media platforms during presidential elections, not because I want to be ignorant but because it makes people spiteful and hateful. In the past I’ve deleted several friends from social media outlets exclusively because of their obsessive need to post hateful things about opposing parties and its followers.

I’m aware bashing occurs year round on anyone with an opinion, but it seems to intensify when presidential campaigns loom off into the distance, at least from my own experience. Unfortunately, because a women will be running for election I may have to go underground so I don’t fall pray to trolls, haters and said people alike.

I found an article depicting the very thing I don’t want to hear during her run for election, but will hear simply because she is a female and not a male. Ladies, try not to throw your electronics too hard while reading what has already began to surface.

The ignorance is almost comical, if I didn’t in fact have a uterus I might laugh. It’s highly annoying I’m assumed to vote for her simply because I’m a women. I chuckle when menopause is used to question her abilities to think straight. I fall out of my seat laughing when people use, “You can’t send in a women to do a man’s job,” speech and, “only men have led this country, why break tradition?”

Women have been doing a man’s job for years, so give me a break. What year is this? I try to imagine this world as a place we truly are all considered equals, but maybe I should’ve gone to college to only get my MRS. degree. What was I thinking trying to be successful; I’m not a man! Silly me.

Because I am a woman I am a feminist.

Because I am a woman I have to have kids.

Because I am a woman I need to find a husband.

Because I am a woman I have to cook, clean and do all the laundry.

Because I am a women that’s all I’ll ever be.

Is this message what you want to feed to the public? By all means, slam her for political ties, question her agenda and policies, and scrutinize her ability to lead this country, but leave her gender out of it.

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Shannon Randol

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton & Menopause”

  1. Good post Ramblin’!! I agree completely!! Lets stick to the stuff that has substance. So sad to see things so polarized in politics, and now the press wants to polarize it even more by implying that we’ve got a new thing to hate the other side for. Honestly though, I think that’s how the body politic wants it…after all, if we all got along… politicians wouldn’t need to tell you why you should despise or fear the other guy (or gal). I personally don’t care if it’s a man or woman…just let it be the right man or woman. We get way too wrapped up in party and phony talking points and debating snarky remarks that really don’t matter in any sense. I don’t see the ability to be “clever” or turn a phrase into an insult as a desirable trait in anyone, much less my president. Just a note for all of us to remember, the presidential election cycle is the worlds longest job interview…let’s try and pick the best PERSON for it!

    1. Yes, it so bothers me that journalists and professionals alike are the ones publishing this garbage. The whole thing is ridiculous. I wish less time was spent figuring out who can throw the other under the bus quicker and more about their policies and actual words.

  2. Please. Enlighten us on why Hillary Clinton should be POTUS.. Why don’t you look up Benghazi for a start. And while you’re at it- explain what “valid” point you’re attempting to make with this emotionally written garbage. Citing “Twitter” as a source. Expounding upon your unfounded reasoning through grandiose feminist objection. But yet, this woman’s gender shouldn’t be a factor? It’s clearly a factor for you. So what is this argument you’re trying to make? Are you afraid of growing up and experiencing the wondrous joys of menopause? Are you inflating your pride as a woman- simply because you’re a woman? Are you attempting to “level” the playing field for women nationwide, so that they have the same opportunities as men? Do you just crave attention? Or are you mad because Julie Holland wrote a terrible piece about how a menopause qualifies women as Presidential candidates? Women have complicated biological issues and make rash decisions based off of emotions- which you made very clear in your “argument.”
    So, yes. You should go underground, or stay away from political and military issues. Or educate yourself. Play with your ‘fur babies’ and chase your psychology degree so you can ramble and play ‘successful woman’ for the rest of your life. Or grow a pair. Oh wait, you can’t- that’s why you’re mad and throw fits.

    Join the marines infantry if you want to fight so bad.

    1. I find it ironic you claim my post is made from only emotions because I am a women, yet your entire blob of a response up there sounds pretty emotional.

      It’s hard to take a comment with no picture to serious, afraid to make those judgmental comments with a face attached to them? It’s easier to be a bully when you’re hiding behind a screen. But for shits and giggles I’ll entertain you.

      Did you even read my full post? Or did you just read the title and go full retard – never go full retard. The very first sentence states I don’t have an opinion on if Hillary is the next best thing for this country, but I do think it’s ridiculous JOURNALISTS are writing articles about her post/pre-menopausal state.

      I then finished my post by saying judge her by her actions, what she stands for, and what she’d embody as a president, not for just her gender. I am well educated about Benghazi (hence judge her by her actions, did I connect the dots well enough for you?) thank you for asking.

      As for your creepy remarks, you know the ones about my fur babies and my psychology degree? What a surprise you searched through my archives. You obviously suck at it though, as I do not hold a degree in psychology. Do you spend all your time reading posts of opposing thoughts so you can spread your ignorance? Sad life. You should learn to appreciate all kinds of thinking, not just the narrow minded, one side rules kind.

      Ps: I’d never want balls, I hear those things get to sweaty and sticky in the summer.

      Pss: I’d also like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spark such wonderful conversation and for stopping by my blog. Night-Night.

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