Can We Get A ‘Woof Woof’ for National Mutt Day?

A little something something I wrote for National Mutt Day 😍

By Shannon Randol, intern contributor, American Red Cross

I love my two mutts. The pair of them couldn’t be any different. One likes to snuggle on top of my feet and into the nooks of my legs when I’m curled up on the couch, no matter how dang hot it is outside. The other protectively stands in front of me when a strange noise interrupts her daily naps.

If only we could strap a magic hat atop their heads to find out what our pets are really thinking. The life of a dog must be ruff.

Silly humans, constantly working and missing out on all the free snoozes the day offers. I take so many a day I lose count! Well… in between causing trouble and waiting for mommy or daddy to come home. 


 My most favorite time of the day is when I can hear your footsteps walking up to…

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