Dear Diary: I Live in Walden

The first big move has happened. I no longer attend Wolcott Street School in Le Roy, New York. Corn fields do not elongate my backyard or catch my model rockets durning the summer. We livin’ in the big city now.

Welcome to LeRoy, New York.

[insert car brakes screeching, records skipping or nails on a chalk board]

Walden wasn’t big city living, it was bigger small town living compared to LeRoy. Another bonus was my bus ride, I wouldn’t be stuck on an hour long route. Walden is also where my Mom achieved Mayor status. 

Well, not actually the Mayor but if she would’ve ran for Mayor in the town of Walden, she could’ve won by a landslide. Tu Madre knew everyone in town and there was no such thing as a quick run-in to the grocery store with her, she’d get stopped two or three times to chat. 

Walden 2
Welcome to Walden, New York. Look at all those houses!

My uncle (her brother) used to ask if she wrist cramps for all her pageant waving. I moved out of Walden four years later and have only been back once, same goes for LeRoy. It would be interesting to go back, even better with my Orange County husband. He thought Florida was country …. 

Something interesting has happened since beginning this odd journey down memory lane. The narrative inside my head has began to change. Instead of constant self-doubt, a thin sliver of confidence has cracked my inner voice and it’s getting louder. 

But let’s not jinx it. 

Dear Diary: December 1997

December 19, 1997
rember Tammie's family. 

December 20, 1997
My first sleepover in Walden. 
You know taly Ho in Midlda and the girls seid it to.

December 21, 1997
I love Mrs. Clements the hamster!!
And Pepper!! <3

December 22, 1997
I love Grampa in heven!!! <3

December 22, 97
I like that guy on smooky mouton christmas!

December 20
I feel bad for poor people maybe
one day I will make a sand of food and poor people can eat
and I would give some of my clothing for them!
Maybe when I grow up I will do that if I rember!!   

Yeah, so I named our family hamster after my Kindergarten teacher and then told said teacher I had named a rodent after her …

There is no better flattery than a 7 year old loving you so much they want to name their pet after you, at least here’s to hoping that’s what she thought.

The last diary entry gave me a whole lotta pause. It’s incredible how small children can have such huge (greater than themselves) thoughts.

Of course there’s no memory of what prompted this post, but little Shannon would be pleased to know I beelined for nonprofit work after college and haven’t stopped helping those who can’t help themselves.

Dear Diary Series Signature - Love Shannon

PS: Smokey Mountain Christmas, who?

PSS: ‘I love Grandpa in heaven,’ makes me a little uncomfortable, almost so much that I wasn’t going to acknowledge its existence. Grandpa in heaven was hardly mentioned after my Dad’s dad passed and is never talked about now.

It freaks me out that this person (who I only knew for 6 years) gave my own Pops life and has been erased from conversations. Death is weird and everyone copes the best they can.

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