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3 Camping Tricks To Upgrade Your Vacay

About to head off into the wilderness and afraid you’re going to forget something essential to living without wifi for a week?

What if we run out of food on day three out of six!?

Don’t panic just yet, with these 3 camping tricks to upgrade your vacay, becoming one with nature is going to be a breeze.

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1. Ditch Ice & Freeze Water Bottles Instead

You’ve planned meals ahead and prepped certain foods you don’t want to be responsible for without electricity, now it’s time to pack the cooler.

Skip picking up bags of ice at the grocery store and freeze bottled water, instead. It’s cheaper and doesn’t make everything in your cooler soaking wet after it has melted. I lost a whole bag of bagels to a pool of melted ice, once. #saddestdayever

I tried out the frozen water bottle idea this past week in Yosemite and was pleasantly surprised when the bottles kept my food cool and stayed frozen for almost 4 days!

2. Pack Lined Work Out Shorts & Save Space

Anyone else out there a last minute packer for long trips?

A few days before a trip I pretend like I’m going to get a head start, but really I know I’m going to do anything possible to avoid packing (like sweeping the entire house INCLUDING moving the furniture) and end up rushing last minute to make sure I have enough clothes to wear.

Due to my procrastination, I think I stumbled upon the best solution for, “what do I bring for clothes?”

I didn’t do laundry in the knick of time, so I was forced to get crafty with what I brought. I’m a firm believer of never having too much underwear, but not wanting to bring a full suitcase, I cut down.

You know those work out shorts that have underwear already a part of its fabric? Well, pack a few of those bad boys and never worry again about running through all your good underwear for the trip.

It was extremely easy to ‘wash off’ with my ‘better than a shower’ wipes, and wear to bed the bottoms I would hike in the next morning and know I had an extra pair of underwear just in case.

3. No Hot Water? No Problem. Instant Coffee Scrub.

I get it, it’s camping and this shouldn’t matter. BUT, after 3 nights and 4 days without running water, ya girl could use a hot bath or at least a face and foot scrub.

Don’t tell my husband, but the camp coffee maker works as a really good sink (don’t worry I washed it out before the next morning’s cup). I put water in the percolator, put it over the camp fire for 10-12 minutes and gave my face a good scrub with hot water.

I poured hot water over my feet and did the same thing, the dirt NEEDED to come out of my toe nails people, quit judging me!

coffee grounds

Camping requires a slower pace and it promotes a simpler vacation with less hassle, well semi-less hassle. Let’s be honest, the stress of bringing enough food for the entire duration of the trip can make anyone go a little nutty.

Regardless, sleeping outside with the crickets and stars forces a sort of slow calmness we all need. If you want coffee in the morning, you have to wait at least 15-20 minutes until the water boils and then another 10 minutes for the hot water to bubble over your coffee grounds.

Your insides will be screaming CAFFEINE NOW, but it’ll probably be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

Camping is a vacation from the noise, hustle and bustle of life and good for the soul to reconnect with life’s most precious moments.

But with these three simple hacks to upgrade your camping experience, your easy vacation just got a little easier.

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