No Longer ‘Feeling Twenty-Two’ And I Don’t Think T-Swizzle Is Either…So There’s That

Sometime in the early morning of May 21, 1989, my Madre gave birth to yours truly at Buffalo Mercy Hospital. To everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t snowing. Today I am twenty-nine, no longer ‘feeling twenty-two’ and officially pushing thirty, but I’m not mad about it.

There’s a handful of people I used to know who will never be able to dread turning thirty, some didn’t even get the chance to move out of the teenage years. So while getting older does mean I’m getting closer to … the end … being able to age is a gift, and when my boobs sag to my knees I hope I have the same mindset.

Usually, I try to make this day slip by without anyone noticing and to be honest I’m not really sure why. If I had to guess I’d say it’s equal parts annoyance when people try to make me feel special (yes, I know how that sounds), the fear of being let down again because nobody cares, and a mixture of hating the spotlight that comes with it is a day literally about you–and anyone else born on that date (haha).

And while “It’s My Birthday I Can Cry If I Want To” was a popular hit in the 1990’s, I’m not letting it be the anthem of today’s post (even though there’s plenty to unpack in the last post, I’ll leave it to another day). Instead, I’m going to try something new…

…enjoy today and try to enjoy other people wanting to enjoy it with me, even if it fucking. kills. me.

In honor of being 29 (and practicing letting others get to know me and being okay with being out there all ‘willy-nilly’) here are twenty-nine fun factoids about me you probably didn’t know.

  1. I own [almost] every Nicholas Sparks novel
  2. but Jude Deveraux is my FAVORITE romance writer, best book: A Knight in Shining Armor
  3. In the 7th grade a boy brought me flowers for my birthday. He walked into our science class and gave them to me. I was so embarrassed I spent the entire period convincing him he shouldn’t like me, successfully.
  4. I asked out the hottest kid in middle school by shouting the question at him in the hall as we passed by, he avoided my hallway after that, haha.
  5. One winter I actually got to build an igloo with my Pops. It snowed so damn hard in Le Roy that year the snow was deep enough to build underground tunnels to and from the igloo.
  6. My Mom was the best at making up shit to do to keep her three kids busy. My favorite was when we’d pull all the books out of the shelves and build a castle.
  7. After watching Home Alone for the first time I couldn’t walk around the house without socks on because of the nail-through-the-foot scene. I can know acknowledge socks wouldn’t have saved my foot but holy hell did it make me FEEL like my feet were protected.
  8. I once used sidewalk chalk to tell a neighborhood friend I didn’t like her anymore, wrote ‘Go Home Amber’ across 8 or 9 squares. The next day I felt so bad I went to her grandmother’s house to apologize. Her grandmother answered the door and I almost shit my pants because she apparently knew how to read, too. So I apologized to her and Amber, and swore I’d never do something so nasty again.
  9. My family’s motto was “a family that farts together stays together,” My husband really had no idea what he was marrying into, lmao.
  10. My first fight was with a kid who lived in the trailer park. He was sitting on top of my brother pushing his face into the snow and he couldn’t breathe, so I pushed him off my brother and kicked him down a hill. His mother ran out (bare foot) while I was helping my brother up and chased us half way home. I walked in the house with my brother and calmly said, “Timmy’s mom is going to call you. He was hurting James and I kicked him down the hill. I’m not sorry.”
  11.  In that same trailer park, all the kids would come to this one huge rock pile and play Kings and Queens. King and Queen were determined by how far up the tree you could climb without chickening out. I was always Queen.
  12. The only movie I can line is Austin Powers.
  13. I used to write letters to my tooth fairy when she was expected to visit. I’d ask her if she liked her job, what her house looked like and wtf she needed my teeth for…
  14. I used to push a stuffed Big Bird in a shopping cart EVERYWHERE I went.
  15. Don’t ever trust me If I say I have a favorite color. It changes every other year or week depending on my mood.

Okay, there’s no way I’m going to make it all the way to flipping twenty nine! What am I a narcissist?!?! Besides, I fessed up some good ones.

But on the real, even though this is the last year to claim my twenties, it feels like this is the first year I’ve started living. I hear your thirties are the best years anyway.

Currently feeling grateful for the time the Hubs and I spent yesterday in Los Angeles at the Happy Place museum 🙂

Cultivate it.

I play better on Instagram than Facebook but regardless, come be my friend online. 







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4 thoughts on “No Longer ‘Feeling Twenty-Two’ And I Don’t Think T-Swizzle Is Either…So There’s That

  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    As someone who is in 30’s… it’s honestly ok. 🙂 I remember feeling like 30 was such a big deal… not I have 40 to look forward to ha ha. 🙂
    But to your point, really grateful to be here as some of my loved ones unfortunately didn’t have such luck.

  2. It’s nice to hear aging can be graceful, it’s something that people don’t readily say or realize. I mean, I’m one to talk since I’m still a student in college, but I hope that your special day felt special and that you’re enjoying yourself. After all, the queen deserves no better!

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