3 Fitness Apps Keeping Me Sane During COVID-19 (Two of Them are Free)

There are three fitness apps helping me keep sane during COVID-19 and two of them are F.R.E.E. Health experts stress the importance of moving your body during quarantine, but what about those of us who don’t have access to wide open spaces or the outdoors?

My friends in NYC are experiencing an entirely different quarantine than my friends in Texas and then those of us living in Orange County, California, which is where I currently live.

I am able to take a walk around my block, my friend in Brooklyn can not. Some of us have space in basements, garages or spare bedrooms to drop weights and get sweaty. And then there are those of us who hardly have alone space let alone ‘workout’ space.

Two of the fitness apps offer a variety of exercises ranging from 10 – minutes to a full half hour, while the third specializes in 30-minute sessions. All three programs provide a variety of workouts ranging from HIIT to Restorative Yoga.

And because I’m a woman who likes to have options, here are my favorite programs from each app to help get you started.

  1. FitOn – Always On. Always Free.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.02.27 AM

The amount of exercises offered on this app is insane. It’s got circuit training, barre, pilates, yoga, stretch, workouts with equipment, workouts without equipment, exercises great for small spaces as well as a category labeled, With Kids.

And they’re free! Free, free, free, free, pause, free!

Of course there is a Pro version you can pay for and receive custom meal plans, 500+ recipes, and more for $20 a year.

My top favorite workout from FitOn is Thigh Trimdown with Cassey Ho. It’s rate a two out of three for intensity and is only 15-minutes long, which is all you want it to be. Trust me. It requires no equipment.

My second favorite exercise is Kiss my Abs with Kenta Seki. It’s only 10 – minutes long and is done strictly with body weight. The program is rated a two out of three on the intensity scale.

2. Workout for Women

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.03.02 AM

I downloaded this app back when it was called 7M and had an Australian accented women leading you through moves. They’ve updated it a few months ago and gone went my Austrialian friend to be replaced by a peppy American… boooooo.

This app is responsible for easing me back into training. After a number of strict diets paired with intense workouts (sometimes twice a day) I burnt out and went off the deep end; gained over 15 lbs. and stayed on the couch for almost 6 – months.

The selling point for me? Every exercise (back then) was only 7 minutes long. The simplicity of 7 – minutes helped reframe my obsessive habits to train until unhealthy levels of exhaustion.

Arm Toner and 7M Women were the first two programs I tried via Workout for Women until moving onto Abs & Butt and HIIT20. 

Currently I’ve ventured into the stretching category and really enjoy Better Back, Wake Up Stretch, and Workout Recovery. 

FitOn has a lot of choices, so if you get overwhelmed easily then I recommend starting with Workouts for Women before perusing all of the options via FitOn.

3. BeachBody On Demand

This online streaming service isn’t free. It costs $40 every three months to access its at-home workout programs. I hopped into BeachBody after getting to a point where I felt a little push from a trainer would do me good.

My favorite programs 21 Day Fix and Morning Meltdown100 do require weights but the company does offer other programs such as Barre Blend and Country Heat (dance workout) that do not require to have weights.

As a reference point for those who might be looking into getting weights, my rack only has 3s, 5s, 8s, and a 15lber. It would be my recommendation to start simply with a light, medium, and heavy weight.

Now, for the sake of honesty, I was hesitant of the BeachBody program because of the amount of females who reached out to me on Instagram with the same scripted message asking me to join their team. 

It is possible to stay solo and not get into the community aspect of BeachBody which is the route I chose because that’s what was most comfortable for me.

BUT, if you’re looking for the community aspect filled with motivation and need accountability to stick to your goals, then go for it. DO you, boo! I have a girlfriend who is a coach for BeachBody and she’s damn good at it. Check her out on Instagram @ranae_waggoner.


I’ve been training at a local aerial gym in Fountain Valley, California, for about a year and a half. It has become my home, zen garden, safe place to simply be. When quarantine hit and Urban Aerial Fitness needed to close, my heart sank. This place is where I go to recharge and take care of my mental health. Now what?

Luckily after a couple weeks, Urban Aerial Fitness launched UrbanLIVE on Zoom and I’ve been able to see my peeps and escape from the daily stressors of COVID-19 and simply be again for an hour.

The class schedule includes: Restorative Yoga, Arm Balancing & Headstands, Flexibility, Abs & Booty, Intro to Contortion, and a class focused on achieving middle splits. These classes are open for nonmembers for only $10!

I mention because they’re a small business and could use all the extra support. So if you want to join me in class, click here to sign up.

And don’t let your fear of looking foolish get in the way. I took my first contortion class last week and had NO idea what I was doing 😂😂😂 —  simply showing up and challenging myself was all I needed to fill my cup for that day. It’s all about mindset at first,  you’ll build strength over time.

Here’s my proof I look foolish. Click the link below!


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