D.C.’s Pecan Sticks

This pecan recipe is 10x better than Arizona’s Chewy Pecan bars, in my opinion. It’s got a roasty-toasty flavor that they chewy pecan bars didn’t. Continue reading if you want the recipe, more information about who got this week’s #CookieKindness box, and any tips or reminders for those baking this recipe fore the first time.

D.C.’s “official” cookie is the Pecan Sticks. It was originally submitted to the Capitol Cookies Cookbook by Elizabeth M. Saunders. She got it from her Aunt Bettie Tibbs, better known as “Ma Bettie.”

My Aunt Di-Di nominated her Marine “Man of Mystery” friend, B. Chang. She told me he now works at the Pentagon. Also, Di-Di stands for Diane. She and my Mom grew up together in Buffalo, and she got to watch me grow in my beginning years. I miss her, and that community of people we could’ve had…I’ve moved a lot, and it gets harder every time.

The Cookie

The Pecan Sticks before the cutting.

The Recipe

Tips & Reminders

  • I was out of cake flour and brown sugar, and a quick trip to the grocery store wasn’t worth it for me, so I double sifted All Purpose Flour and subbed coconut sugar for brown sugar. Everything turned out just fine.
  • …it could’ve used more nuts, maybe 1 cup, definitely 3/4.
  • My magic number for “pulling away from the sides of the pan” was 40 minutes, but I subbed different ingredients and your oven might cook hotter or cooler than mine. Oh, and my 8×8 pan was actually a slightly larger rectangle. Start with 30-minutes and go from there.

First Taste Episode #8

So, whaddya think? Are you going to make these this weekend? If you do, be sure to show me a photo (or whatever you bake this weekend!) of your bake in the comments. I’d love to see how yours turned out.

Be sure to stop by and say hi via Instagram! You can find me @sjrandol, let’s be friends! If you end up baking these cookies, I’d love to see them. Tag me or use the hashtag #CookieKindness.

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The #CookieKindness project is my attempt to spread good vibes because 2020 has been one helluva year and we could all use the reminder there’s much more good out there than not. Be kind.

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