3 Fitness Apps Keeping Me Sane During COVID-19 (Two of Them are Free)

There are three fitness apps helping me keep sane during COVID-19 and two of them are F.R.E.E. Health experts stress the importance of moving your body during quarantine, but what about those of us who don’t have access to wide open spaces or the outdoors? Click for the apps and my top programs from each app…

Taste Testing Lemon Crunch Cake by Martha

I know, I know. You thought my taste test recipes were a thing of the past. And they are, but I found this lost blog in my drafts and decided to jump on the opportunity to publish it and give myself a break this week. Lemon flavor anything didn’t use to be a favorite ofContinue reading “Taste Testing Lemon Crunch Cake by Martha”

(One Of) The Best Pieces Of Advice I’ve Received

(One of) the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was actually scribbled on a stock image and re-shared on Facebook by an old high school friend (thanks, Kaylin!). The second my eyes finished reading the final word, an audible “oh” escaped my lips while a simultaneous explosion erupted in my head and heart.

What Do The 5 Closest People In Your Life Say About You?

Who has read Melissa Ambrosini’s Mastering Your Mean Girl? A chunk of her points can be found in other self growth books (which has to be an obvious clue these ladies are on to something), but I appreciated her focus on filtering life through a lens of love to achieve your highest potential. She alsoContinue reading “What Do The 5 Closest People In Your Life Say About You?”

3 Questions To Help Find Your Purpose

How the fuck do you find your purpose? If this thought ran through your head too you’re not alone, boo. I almost didn’t listen to the podcast episode that inspired this post because it had the word purpose in the title, for some reason the notion of finding my purpose feels frivolous and like aContinue reading “3 Questions To Help Find Your Purpose”

The Brave & Brokenhearted Manifesto

Have you read Brene Brown’s Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted? It’s a story I go back to each time I feel like dipping out when the going gets too tough.

Paragraphs three, four and five are my favorite to re-read over and over when I need the reminder.

And it goes like this:

Are You Filling A Space You’re Not Meant To?

The most recent episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch titled Healing Emotional Scars with Ciara is a good watch for anyone with a blended family, in a committed relationship, or is looking for inner personal growth…so, basically everyone? Around the eleven minute mark, Jada and Ciara get into a discussion about navigating life with bonusContinue reading “Are You Filling A Space You’re Not Meant To?”