Tony Robbins Mic Drop Part II

Tony Robbins Mic Drop Part II – “Which parent did you crave love from the most” and, “who did you have to be in order to get that person’s attention.” Check out today’s post to find out my answer to this Q & how it relates to anxiety.

Everything Will Be Okay, It Could’ve Been Worse

“Everything will be okay,” and, “It could’ve been worse,” are two of the most deaf-toned responses to someone who has suffered a loss, survived a traumatic experience, or in the midst of a difficult time. What these two phrases do is actually dismiss any of the emotions the person suffering are experiencing. About three weeks agoContinue reading “Everything Will Be Okay, It Could’ve Been Worse”

Girl, Routine Can Make Me Neurotic If I’m Not Careful

I’m not kidding girl, routine can make me neurotic if I’m not careful and I’ll tell you why in a minute. But first, can I get a high five for realizing this about myself? It’s like a huge exhale. Who knew it was so important to be curious, especially when it comes to yourself. OverContinue reading “Girl, Routine Can Make Me Neurotic If I’m Not Careful”

Do You Know A Modern Day Pharisee?

Have you ever heard of the word Pharisee? I hadn’t until a coworker of mine used it as an analogy to describe someone they knew. My coworker explained the Pharisees were similar to people who know it all and make you feel guilty for not following their lead.

Next came Google.

Nine articles, a few passages, and one rabbit hole later, I came to this conclusion of who the Pharisees were in a nutshell.