The Best Carrot Cake Recipe I’ve Ever Frickin Eaten and Made

This is the best carrot cake recipe I’ve ever frickin eaten and made, hand to the dessert Gods. I had someone who hates ‘vegetable cake’ beg to take some home, a woman who isn’t a fan of super sweet desserts rave about its taste, and someone who was strictly doing keto practice the 80/20 ruleContinue reading “The Best Carrot Cake Recipe I’ve Ever Frickin Eaten and Made”

Best Office Pleaser Lemon CoffeeCake

Best Office Pleaser Lemon CoffeeCake guaranteed! I don’t like lemon but I liked this recipe, and so did everyone in the office. People took it home for their s/o to try, haha. So get in here if you want it!

PS: I share three or four(can’t remember, too lazy to recount) super secret reasons this coffee cake is the best cake and sour cream definitely has something to do with it.