Dear Diary: I love that funny guy

At eight years old I noticed not everyone lived the same way and wanted to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Reading that last entry Dear Diary: I live in Walden, made me happily pause to re-read what I had wrote 20 years ago. This Dear Dairy experiment started in hopes toContinue reading “Dear Diary: I love that funny guy”

Dear Diary: I Live in Walden

The first big move has happened. I no longer attend Wolcott Street School in Le Roy, New York. Corn fields do not elongate my backyard or catch my model rockets durning the summer. We livin’ in the big city now. [insert car brakes screeching, records skipping or nails on a chalk board] Walden wasn’t big city living, itContinue reading “Dear Diary: I Live in Walden”