Missed Opportunity That Has Me Buggin

Nothing is more agonizing to me than a missed opportunity. I try to be the best version of myself (outwardly) so that there are less missed moments to obsessive over, but life isn’t perfect and neither am I. So check out today’s blog for one simple tip on how to deal with imperfections.

My First Day at KidWorks KU Program

My first day at Kidworks KU program was this past Friday and I have to admit, my nerves were jittery all day in anticipation of my first-afternoon volunteer teaching.

Would a bunch of 3rd through 5th graders eat me alive? Would I say something wrong and secure their place in therapy twenty years from now? What if they hate my course outline and/or despise me?! Little did I know, 12 kids were going to run the show…to find out more, click the blog title.

PSA: KidWorks is looking for volunteers, if you live in Southern California – sign up and join me, today!

My Morning Wearing Red

This morning a few PRSSA members and me visited the offices of The American Red Cross North Texas Region in Dallas. Our host Regional Marketing Manager, Amy Yen and Communications Associate, Lisa Morgan, showed us around the impressive and irreplaceable organization. We were also rewarded with a shortened version of the regional communications programs. ItsContinue reading “My Morning Wearing Red”