Taste Test: Upside Down Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls

Taste Test: Upside Down Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls. How could I NOT make these? *In my Chandler Bing voice. Will I love the shit out of this recipe because I love banana bread so much? Click to see if it made the cut.

Taste Test: Low Carb No-Bake​ Peanut Butter​ Coconut Cookies

This week’s #TasteTest recipe is a low carb no-bake peanut butter coconut cookie. Curiosity sometimes kills the cat. will this week’s recipe make the cut? Click to find out!

Chevron Cannolis For Cousin Kayla’s Thirtieth​

Chevron Cannolis For Cousin Kayla’s Thirtieth​ – Have you ever tried to make a cannoli? The dough is held together by wine…those damn Italians are flipping geniuses. But first, let’s manage some expectations…